Interdisciplinarity is a natural process that is leading the differents branch of Sciences toward a common view of Life and Nature.

After a period of specialisation, in which science has reached through the development of technology a deeper understanding of nature’s mechanism, now time is ripe for a better interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing.

The Interdisciplinary Life Science Institute promotes the work of knowledge merging.

This process is focused both on senior researcher both in the formation of the young researcher.

Our activities are:

  • - promotion of interdisciplinary meeting (congresses, focus group, ..)
  • - education programs
  • - research projects
  • - professional and general dissemination

Position Paper

Integrative Treatments in Oncology

Stem Cell Differentiation Stage Factors in combination with Chemotherapy

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1° “Hot topics" in Nutrizione (HOT-NUT1): Linee guida nutrizionali e nutrizione personalizzata: una sfida per il futuro - Milano Meeting 2018

Where are the biological sciences going? - Rome Meeting 2017

The Science of Consciousness International Conference

San Diego (La Jolla) 5 - 10 juin 2017

Differently Conscious - Exploring Consciousness Through Autism, A Journey Beyond The Border Of A Neurotypical Consciousness

(dowload the TSC 2017 program)

Interdisciplinary Focus Group

  • - The Dynamics of Life at differents scales - from molecules to company groups.
  • - Biophysic and Cancer from diagnosis to therapy.
  • - Improving surgeon - oncologist relationship for a better patient follow up.
  • - Psycho Neuro Endocrino Immunolgy: from theory to clinic, how to provide a real PNEI approach to patients.


  • - Understanding the Nature of Placebo effect: an interdisciplinary study.
  • - Thermodynimics of living Systems.
  • - Preverbal consciousness and the non local percepiton of reality.
  • - Electrodynamic activity of Living Cells.