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Interdisciplinarity is a natural process that is leading the different branch of Sciences toward a common view of life and nature.
After a period of specialisation, in which science  reached  a deeper understanding of nature’s mechanisms through the development of technology, the time is now ripe for  better interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing.
The Institute promotes the work of knowledge merging.
This process is focused both on the senior researcher and on the development of the young researcher.
Our activities are:
  • - promotion of interdisciplinary meetings (congresses, focus groups, ..)
  • - educational programs
  • - research projects
  • - professional and general dissemination


When we speak about interdisciplinarity we are speaking about a method.

Even though it is difficult to define a precise list of the disciplines, here below you can find a list of the disciplines  whose representatives are working with us...



Interdisciplinariety is a method that we applies to every projects we develop.

That's why we are not only focused on the research but we are also focused on the education and on the language bridging between different scientific disciplines.
Here below our recent project 


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Contact Us

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